I’ve always wanted a product like this, but it didn’t exist

So i decided to start a company
just for ramen toppings

More toppings, please!

I spent a large part of my childhood in Asia where instant ramen and cup noodles were a big part of the culture. As a kid, I always wondered why there were a million different noodle brands and flavors but there were never any options for just dried toppings.

I was tired of getting little to no toppings at all so that's when Ramen Bae was created.

It was essential to find high-quality ingredients that we loved.

At Ramen Bae, we prioritize quality above all else. Our products originate from China, where we personally visited many different farms and factories to handpick the highest quality ones to partner up with to produce our product.  We also design our mixes based on the ratio of ingredients that we love, meaning we don't skimp on the good stuff.

Whole Ingredients

non gmo

low fat


Our short yet wild
origin story

April 2022

After years of not getting enough toppings with his instant noodles, Jon finally decided he had to do something about it

June 2022

Visited factories and ordered samples

October 2022

Placed order for the first sample inventory ever

january 2023

Started company, received first inventory, and launched website

February 18, 2023

@insta.noodls posted a Tik Tok video about our product. The video went viral and got 3.1 million views and we sold out instantly.

february 25, 2023

@brothernoodle posted us on Tik Tok and we went viral again with 2.3 million views

May 2023

We received our first big inventory and moved into a new warehouse.

June 2023

Released veggie mix

August 2023

Outgrew our original warehouse and moved again to a bigger one


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