1) Will you have a non-seafood mix, or any other mixes?

We are currently working on a beef mix and a spicy garlic mix as our next products.  We will work hard to bring it to you asap!  Please follow our Instagram (@TheOfficialRamenBae) for all updates or subscribe to our mailing list below.


2) Where are you currently shipping to?

We just added international shipping to most countries!

Shipping to Canada:
  • $9USD for the first bag
  • $4 per additional bag.
  • Shipping time is 1-3 weeks.
For all international shipping:
  • $15 USD for the first bag
  • $5 per additional bag. 
  • Shipping time is 1-4 weeks
If you order more than 4 bags, you will automatically be upgraded to express shipping which is 3-8 business days
Customers are responsible for any custom/tariff costs that may arise. 


3) I placed an order but need to change the shipping address, what can I do?

Please contact us immediately with your order number and the correct shipping address after you placed the order.  We are unable to change the address if the order has been shipped.  You will be responsible for any shipping fee incurred from an incorrect address.
4) Where is your product sourced from?
Our product originates from China, where we meticulously select and process locally grown vegetables. Prioritizing quality, we personally visited various farms and factories to choose the finest ones to partner up with. Our FDA-registered factory adheres strictly to health and safety regulations, ensuring you receive the best possible product.
5) Why does your pricing seem so high?

Because of water loss during the drying process, it takes approximately 3lb of fresh ingredients to yield 1lb of dried ones. At just under 1lb, our bags contain significantly more than meets the eye. While the label suggests 14 servings, each bag can generously cater to 16 to 22 servings on average. Many dehydrated vegetable soup blends use an extremely high percentage of carrots or other low-cost ingredients.  We do not cut corners, the ratio of our blends were designed with consumer enjoyment as a priority.
6). When will you restock? What is the best way to get updates?
We will always try to restock asap if an item is sold out.  Please follow our Instagram @TheOfficialRamenBae for all updates or subscribe to our mailing list below.
7) Will you have different size options?

Yes!  We are working on adding different size options in the future.
8) Where are you located?

We are located in California, USA
9) I have an issue/question with my order.
Please contact us for all other issues/questions regarding your order.